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  The Shadow

  A scholar who used to live in a cold region took a trip to a place of tropical weather. He stayed in the house all day because it was too hot to go out. Phew. It is so hot. I can't even go outside.   At night, peo came out from their houses to get fresh air. The scholar also went out of his house and looked around here and there. There are a lot of peo here. Now I feel better. But how come the house across the street is so quiet?   Music flows from the house, and such beautiful flowers are in the house. There must be a pretty woman living in that house. Then, one evening.   That house is quiet again. The only thing that moves in the house is my shadow. The scholar acted as if he was talking to his own shadow.   Suddenly, his shadow on the house went into the inside the house. The scholar was shocked. Then, the next day. How can I lose my own shadow? Peo will laugh at me. Phew. What am I going to do? I feel awful. What am I going to do now? In a tropical region, everything grew really fast. Fortunately, the scholar's shadow grew a lot in a week.   Then, one evening. Someone visited the scholar. Who is it? Please come in. A well-dressed gentleman came into his house. Excuse me, but have we meet before? The gentleman answered. Don't you recognize me? Well, I guess you've never imagined that I would show up in front of you with this kind of look. I have been enjoying my own life very much since I left you. Then, you must be. That's right! I am your shadow. How amazing! How can this happen? And how are you doing? I will tell you everything. But promise me one thing before I tell my story. Don't you ever tell anyone that I used to be your shadow. I promise!   I went into the house across the street and met a Goddess. I learned a lot of things while I was staying there with her. Then, she allowed me to live my own life all by myself. Sometimes I gave severe punishments to bad peo. Peo always welcomed me wherever I was. They just loved me. Really? That's amazing! How can this happen? I've to go now. See you next time. A few years later, the shadow visited the scholar again. The scholar was writing a book, but he was so sad because no one read his book. He felt tired of writing. You look very exhausted. No one can understand my book. You have to take a rest. Let's go to a spa. I will pay for the trip for you. Instead, you should be my shadow. Oh god! Do I really have to be your shadow? After long thinking about the shadow's suggestion, the scholar decided to go on the trip and be a shadow.   There were lots of peo in the spa, and a princess was one of them. The princess saw the shadow and thought, He is so nice. I want to go out with him.   She met the shadow. She liked him very much because he knew everything. The shadow pointed to the scholar and said, He is my shadow. If you want to know about something, ase ask him. You look so smart. The princess decided to get married to the shadow.   The shadow met the scholar and said, I am going to marry the princess. You can come to the castle and live with us. But you have to be my shadow and have to live under my feet forever. No, that doesn't make any sense. You are MY shadow.   The shadow put the scholar in prison, and then he told the princess. My shadow is out of his mind. He kept insisting that I am his shadow. There seems to be no chance of his recovery. I will help him to disappear quietly. Yes, you need to help him. The princess and the shadow finally got married. But the scholar died in prison.   影子   学者曾经生活在一个寒冷地区去一个热带气候的地方。他整天呆在家里,因为它太热,不想出去。唷。它是如此热。我甚至不能出去。   在晚上,人们从他们的房子出来新鲜的空气。学者也从他的房子,环顾四周。这里有很多人。现在我感觉更好。但在街对面的房子是怎么这么安静?   音乐流动的房子,这些美丽的花朵。必须有一个漂亮的女人住在那个房子里。然后,有一天晚上。   这房子是安静了。家里唯一移动是我的影子。学者表现得好像他跟自己的影子。   突然,他的影子在房子走进屋里。学者惊呆了。然后,第二天。我怎么能失去我自己的影子吗?人们会嘲笑我。唷。我要做什么呢?我感觉很糟糕。现在我要做什么呢?在热带地区,一切变得非常快。幸运的是,学者的影子一周增长了很多。   然后,有一天晚上。有人访问学者。这是谁?请进。一个衣冠楚楚的绅士走进他的房子。对不起,我们见面吗?绅士答道。你不认识我吗?好吧,我猜你从来没有想到我会出现在你面前的样子。我一直很享受我自己的生活自从我离开你。然后,你必须。没错!我是你的影子。太令人惊讶了!这是怎样发生的呢?和你好吗?我将告诉你一切。但是答应我一件事之前,我告诉我的故事。你不告诉任何人。   我走到街对面的房子里,遇见了一位女神。当我和她在一起的时候,我学到了很多东西。然后,她让我独自一人过着自己的生活。有时我对坏人给予严厉的惩罚。无论我在哪里,人们总是欢迎我。他们只是爱我。真的吗?那太神奇了!这是怎样发生的呢?我得走了。下次再见。几年后,阴影再次拜访了这位学者。这位学者正在写一本书,但他很伤心,因为没有人读他的书。他对写作感到厌倦。你看起来很疲惫。没人能理解我的书。你得休息一下。我们去泡温泉吧。我将为你付旅费。相反,你应该是我的影子。哦,上帝!我真的必须是你的影子吗?在考虑了影子的建议之后,这位学者决定继续旅行,成为一个影子。


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